Aarhus 2015

— VIA University College Aarhus Campus C

Creator Projects assisted with consulting and project management in connection to the art at VIA Campus C including a huge art installation by Jeppe Hein, a photo collection by Absalon Kirkeby, a 120 square meter painting by Clare Woods and an artwork that constitutes a combination of paper, graphics and paint created by Kaspar Oppen Samuelsen.

Jeppe Hein’s ‘Mobile of Enlightenment’ hangs from the ceiling of the central atrium. The work weighs 3,000 kilos and consists of five different ‘planets made of steel and glass and, thanks to advanced technology, the work has built-in motion, light and neon colors.

English Clare Woods is the woman behind a giant 15 x 8 meter painting that adorns one of the big white walls in Building C. The painting consists of 20 aluminum sheets painted with enamel paint and put together in one single painting. The monumental work combines the abstract and the figurative. The subject includes both the contours of a human face and elements from nature – something that may recall branches and soils.

In Building A there is a collection of 32 large, framed photos by Absalon Kirkeby that is titled ‘Palm’. These are photographs that Absalon Kirkeby has taken in Denmark, and partly on a journey abroad. The images are primarily in blue and red shades and each contain two different elements as a symbol of twosomeness, but also as symbols of contrasts – for example, a combination of something real and dreamlike, some concrete and dreamlike, something concrete and imaginative, something close and distant, as well as something nature related and bodily.

The fourth piece of art hangs on Level 3 in Building E – in an area where students in particular unfold with music and drama. Kaspar Oppen Samuelsen’s work is a collage of paper clips, graphics and hand painting on six large, framed pictures. On each picture you see quirky and humorous animal and human motifs.