Kanalhusene, Horsens 2023

— Horsens Municipality

‘Kanalhusene’ located in Horsens Harbor are under development and will be transformed into a completely new neighborhood in the coming years. In the autumn of 2023, a part of the passage under ‘Kanalhusene’ will be enriched with the site-specific art installation “Moon Up Sun Down” by Trine Boesen.

Alongside ‘Kanalhusene’, there is a promenade that is occasionally flooded as the water in an artificially constructed canal near the houses rises and falls due to the tides. This phenomenon has become the starting point of Boesen’s work.

The influence of the moon and the interplay between the gravitational forces of the sun and the earth are the basis for the existence of tides. This cycle is also reflected in the artwork, with a large sun on the wall that shines brightly and hovers close to the ground in the otherwise somewhat dim passage under the building. Arrow signs, statements, and pictograms are added to the pillars supporting the building. The ambiguous statements of the arrows relate to the sun, moon, and water, as well as to the passersby, creating a connection between the major elements, the lived life, and the specific location.

Some signs will be placed so low that they disappear under the surface of the water when the tide comes in. Likewise, the tide will rise so high above the promenade that the sun will literally be setting.

The circle is a recurring shape in the artwork. Its perfect geometric form symbolises infinity, as the circle has no beginning or end. It is often associated with something universal, and when the circles are mounted on the pillars, they refer to the sun, moon, and earth.

The project is being realised thanks to Horsens Municipality.