Greenland 2020-2023

— PI/SPS, Ilulissat

The initiative, ‘Fællesskab gennem samskabelse’ (Community through co-creation), was designed to foster cohesion among residents, including students, vulnerable young people from institutions, and young people from the general school system in Greenland. The project spanned three weeks during which Jeppe Hein conducted workshops with students at PI/SPS in Ilulissat, Nuuk, and Maniitsoq. Among other activities, students used watercolors to paint their breath and state of mind. Subsequently, the students themselves conducted workshops in selected institutions with the city’s residents, thus continuing the project on their own engaging and activating local residents. In each city, residents were invited to a celebration at the seminar.

In addition to the workshops, the project includes the site-specific commission ‘Tupilak Catcher’ (2023) and the wall painting ‘Today I Feel Like’ (2020-2023) by Jeppe Hein for the Social Pedagogical Seminarium in Ilulissat (PI/SPS). The wall painting involved the entire town in its execution spanning 3 years and contributes to creating an inspiring learning environment for young, aspiring social pedagogues.

‘Community through co-creation’ is realised with generous support from the A.P. Møller Foundation and the Augustinus Foundation.