Daniel Buren – CRISS-CROSS

Language: English
Pages: 448
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Text by: Giovanni Anselmo, Igor Antic, Anne Baldassari, Joël Benzakin, Bernard Blistène, Daniel Buren, Sophie Calle, Michel Claura, Claire S. Copley, Bruno Corà, Anny De Decker, Dan & Fabien Demuynck, Jean-Christophe Denise, Sidney B. Felsen, Simon Friese, Jean-Louis Froment, Rudi Fuchs, Claude Gosselin, Hans Haacke, Garry Neill Kennedy, Kasper König, Yvon Lambert, Laurent Le Bon, Brigitte Lefèvre, Marcel Lefranc, Nicholas Logsdail, Paul Maenz, Massimo Minini, Fumio Nanjo, Michel Nuridsany, Yoshihisa Otani, Philippe Parreno, Joëlle Pijaudier, Anka Ptaszkowska, Anne Rorimer, Jean-Marie Rossi, Marc Sanchez, Jerome Sans, Suzanne & Selman Selvi, Naomi Spector, Andrea Villiani. Graphic design by: Spine Studio.


A total of 39 people have contributed to CRISS-CROSS, Roulette Russe’s monograph on Daniel Buren. The contributors have in common that their paths have crossed those of Daniel Buren at a formative time – for themselves as well as for Daniel Buren. CRISS-CROSS tells the story of Daniel Buren through the voices of people he has collaborated with during the last 50 years; writers, curators, gallerists, collectors, colleagues, art critics who all had an impact on sculpting his life and art. The written contributions are accompanied by a generous amount of captivating visual material referring to the projects Buren did through the selected collaborations.