Copenhagen 2019

— Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport is currently building the airport of the future. On June 4th, HRH The Crown Prince inaugurated the largest construction in recent times at Copenhagen Airport: The 36,000 m2 Pier E with plenty of room for the travelers, new gates for the aircrafts, a new border control and new site-specific art.

As art advisor, Creator Projects has in 2019 assisted Copenhagen Airport in the implementation of two commissions by leading contemporary artists. Between information, waiting time and the distances from A to B, art creates restful focus points and thus strengthens the airport experience.

Alexander Tovborg, Sphinx and nature, 2019

Alexander Tovborg’s monumental glass mosaic shows a sphinx in a landscape featuring sea, rocks, mountains, and an extensive sky. The enigmatic and mysterious sphinx with a lion’s body, a female head, and wings is poised between animal and man, deity and nature, Heaven and Earth. A sun traverses the yellow sky, indicating the passing of time and the transition from one state to another. The motif also recalls the airport as a point of transit for starting or finishing a journey and as a global connective agent in an ever more international world. The warm colours are chosen for their ability to induce tranquillity and harmony in the pulsating airport environment while the motif inspires common narratives irrespective of age, gender, or nationality.

HuskMitNavn, Airport People, 2019

The Danish visual artist HuskMitNavn (RememberMyName) has created a mural specifically for the connecting corridor leading passengers out to Pier D and E. The monumental mural ‘Airport People’ measuring 26.4 x 1.8 m is about journeys from or to new adventures, jobs, or romantic encounters. The intention is to instill a sense of cheerful anticipation and empathy in airport travellers and to remind us to embrace everyone regardless of where we come from or where we are going.

’The figures represent affectionate portraits of airport users. From the hectic businessman, the weighed-down family group to the couple, very much in love and heading for Paris. The idea is to give passengers a good start to their journey by spotting themselves and others in the figures’. HuskMitNavn