Næstved 2020

— Danish Immigration Service

New site specific art at the Danish Immigration Service in Næstved.

Art plays a significant part of the new building for the Danish Immigration Service in Næstved. The architectural firm, AART Architects, has created an open and dynamic workspace that balances learning and professional development. The building contains open office spaces and flexible rooms that gives the possibility of working in calm environments.

Creator Projects has in collaboration with art consultant Lars Rahbek developed a strategy with site specific artworks that is shown in different parts of the building. The space  shows unique art experiences that will spread happiness and inspiration, both for employees and visitors of the Danish Immigration Service. The building was completed in 2020. 

Artists Amalie Jakobsen, Kaspar Oppen Samuelsen, Rune Bosse and Michael Utzon was chosen for the decoration of the Danish Immigration Service.

Rune Bosse (b. 1987) works with nature in a concrete manner. For the Danish Immigration Service, Bosse has created pressed plants inside frames of glass. These will be hanging from the ceiling and they symbolize the power of nature. Bosse has collected branches, tree trunks and roots from different plants and put these together so that they form one whole tree. The tree turns into a floral composition in the combination of different parts of nature. All the plants have been collected at Oremandsgaard estate near the danish port town, Præstø.

Amalie Jakobsen (b. 1989) is interested in the combinations of form, color, rooms and movements. For the central atrium, Jakobsen has created two sculptures in the primary colors red and blue. The red sculpture, “Rivers”, is six meters tall and has two curved shapes that leans towards each other. The other sculpture, “Waves”, has deep blue colors and will be placed on the wall. It is intersected by a diagonal axis og divides into two parts. 

Kaspar Oppen Samuelsen (b. 1977) often presents a universe filled with animals, imaginative creatures and humanlike characters placed in different scenarios. Samuelsen will create a decoration for the Danish Immigrant Service that opens up the physical room through colors, semi-transparent surfaces and graphical elements. These features will invite the viewer into a room with new perspectives and humor.

Michael Utzon (b. 1984) works with photography. His photographs are graphical and colorful. The result is not a documentation of what they actually present but about the absence of an object and how the abstraction impacts the viewer. We are getting confronted with both the material of the object and at the same time experiencing shadows of color and light.