Nordhavn 2022

— Court of Appeal of Eastern Denmark

The Eastern High Court will be moving from the Inner City of Copenhagen to a new 16.000 m2 building in Nordhavn, Copenhagen. The building is expected to finish by the beginning of 2022. Together with Lars Rahbek, Creator Projects are working as art consultants for the new court building drawn by Henning Larsen Architects in close corporation with A. Enggaard and Norconsult.

The High Court will be a building filled with character. The architecture and materiality shows integrity and trustworthiness. It is in this building that people lives changes and solutions to crimes and injustice are found. The building has an essential role upholding the Danish legal system, making sure that the court processes functions in a fair manner. The art in the court building should be inviting and complement the architecture with high quality while showing integrity. The art pieces will be made specifically for the new building and combine both established and upcoming contemporary artists.

Photo: Photo: Julie Lænkholm, © Joakim Züger
Photo: Photo: Sarah Sze, © Barsk Projects
Photo: Photo: John Kørner, Glacier Highways I, © Barsk Projects
Photo: Photo: Marie Lund, Sills © Joakim Züger
Photo: Photo: Jeppe Hein, Balance of Now, © Joakim Züger
Photo: Photo: Tal R, © Barsk Projects