Asbjørn Sand – SLIP

Language: English
Pages: 96
Type: Hardcover with open spine
Price: 199 DKK incl. VAT

Text by Nikolaj Zeuthen, graphic design af Spine Studio


SLIP is an intense documentation of the skateboarding community in Denmark shot by photographer Asbjørn Sand. It is a story from the inside of a universe we have rarely seen described in this light. Skateboarding is often shown as rock ’n’ roll and dangerous tricks, but it is also a sensitive perception of the human experience of the gap between youth and adulthood. SLIP is the 99 %, the everyday skateboarders. Portrayed here is youthful doubt, searching, loving, and a community surrounding skateboarding. The book takes us by the hand into the lives and the emotions of a portrayed group of skateboarders.

The pictures from SLIP have won international awards, among others the main prize at the Italian photo festival Cortona On The Move 2012, one of the images was on the cover of the first book about the Danish skateboarding history ‘Dansk Skateboarding’. The project was shown alongside an interview with Asbjørn Sand in the New York Times’ photoblog Lens.

The introduction to SLIP is written by Nikolaj Zeuthen who is a poet, writer, and lead singer of the band Skammens Vogn.