Fryd Frydendahl & Lars Greve – Solhverv

Language: Danish
Pages: 38 incl. an LP
Price: 500 DKK incl. VAT

Text by Fryd Frydendahl & Lars Greve


SOLHVERV is a combined visual and -audio publication created by childhood friends and acclaimed artists Fryd Frydendahl, and Lars Greve – both known for their sensuous, original and uncompromising expression. The publication consists of photographs and video stills by Frydendahl and a vinyl record with music composed by Greve. The visuals are collages merging Frydendahls work with video stills from the collaboration with the local citizens. The music on the vinyl’s A-side is performed by local citizens and the B-side is the same musical material, but only performed by Greve on abandoned local places.