They didn’t want to pierce the sun

Language: English
Pages: 120
Type: Softcover
Price: 149 DKK incl. VAT

Richly illustrated. All photographs by Fryd Frydendahl. Concept by Jacob Birch and Fryd Frydendahl. Text by Bill Modawell


In September 2015 photographer Fryd Frydendahl and graphic designer Jacob Birch went to Texas with the ambition to explore and challenge the format of the photo book. The photographs stand as a physical manifestation of the trip. Working from the obstruction that the graphic design was to take place en route, simultaneously with the analogue shooting of the photographs, elements of intuition, pace and ephemerality, normally characterising the digital visual culture, are embodied in the book. However, the analogue method by which the photographs are created maintains a feeling of slowness to the project.
The publication is closer to poetry than actual documentation of the journey. It appears fragmented both in its narrative and visually. Though Texas is very different from the photographer’s Scandinavian heritage, the purpose of the book is not to make comparisons or elaborate on differences. Some of the prejudices were confirmed while others were shot into pieces. The book stands as a refection of its own format while, simultaneously, it creates a counterpoint to a modern, ephemeral world.