Copenhagen 2018

— Kalvebod Brygge

The construction at Kalvebod Brygge, the new administrative focal point for Banedanmark, the Danish Transport Agency, the Danish Road Directorate and the Danish Energy Agency, is a significant construction at the entrance to central Copenhagen. In partnership with Lars Rahbek, Creator Projects have selected internationally renowned artists and young Danish art talents. To emphasize the buildings’ architectural strategy and user-friendliness, the art is used as wayfinding and local site creation. The art is integrated on both large and small scale. Artist Alicja Kwade has created an artwork, Pulse, 2018, for the forecourt and the green path, which connects the area around the buildings. Outside, the art lead people through the area and create an identity for the new part of the city. Inside, the art is placed on central locations of the large building complex for everyone to experience the building-integrated art. To create coherence and recognition, fewer artists have been prioritized and their artwork spreads over larger areas at different places in the buildings. The purpose with the implementation of art is that it forms a value for everyday life and contributes to a vibrant, stimulating and present environment for users and visitors.