1 May - 5 Dec 2023

Creator Projects x Efrat Edelsten

LOOKLOOK is our small exhibition space, where we invite artists to present works in our spacious windows in Borgergade 17B. We’ve proudly presented following exhibitions in collaboration with curator Efrat Edelsten:

Scenes From a Window Display, Alberte Skronski, May-October 2023

A blast of color draws attention away from the street towards a surreal take on reality. Behind glass, something is constructed. Carcasses on a rack. A soft pig on the ground and two fragile telephones awaiting calls. Everything seems prepared, ready for a simulated version of an act.

The exhibition ‘Scenes From a Window Display’ by Danish artist Alberte Skronski (1995) presents the works: Telephone, 2021 & No Slaughter Without Laughter, 2022. The sculptural installations are made of recycled materials, old cardboard, paper – mâché, wood and textiles. The installations perform an interaction between a character, an object and a physical space, authored and embodied by Skronski herself. Fictional characters exist, fulfilling their roles while using the sculptural objects as props.

Working with a concept she calls “Radical Happiness” Skronski uses humor and laughter as activistic tools to combat the harsh reality we live in. By making herself and hopefully others laugh, she challenges one of the major diseases in our society; stress!

Stroke, Karim Boumjimar, October – 2023

One stroke overlaps another in a rhythm we follow a flow. Layers of papers, intertwined strokes and ceramic works consume the window display from the ceiling to the floor, when LOOK LOOK presents the exhibition ‘Stroke’ by artist Karim Boumjimar.

The exhibition ‘Stroke’ consists of drawings and sculptural works presented in two installations. The drawings consist of a variety of materials, including pencil, charcoal, cardboard and paint. Side by side, the ceramics and drawings react to each other. They interact with each other, creating a seductive space which contains a rawness but also a sensibility, where chaos and intimacy coexists.

In ‘Stroke’, vivid forms are turned into bodies in motion. Queer anxiety becomes desire. Boumjimar is pushing the limits, almost out of line, serving narratives in strokes, beats, touch. Boumjimar’s work is often based on personal experiences and observations, but is also connected to their research into queer history and theory. Nature and culture often appear as intertwined categories. Working with a variety of media and performance acts as a parallel track to their visual works, they explore subjects like identity, social behavior and relationships.