23 Aug - 26 Aug 2023

Lulu Kaalund
— Soho House Copenhagen

In August 2023 Soho House Copenhagen partnered with Creator Projects and artist Lulu Kaalund presented by V1 Gallery to celebrate and mark their one-year anniversary with an artwork docked in front of the House.

Lulu Kaalund adorned a boat with her captivating artworks recreated in a photo medium to artistically overtake the boat in its entirety. Kaalund’s artworks were curated to wrap around the boat, while her crocheting crawled all the way into the wheelhouse, offering a striking contrast to the vessel and its surroundings. With a seamless blend of contemporary and folk aesthetics, her geometric yet organic crochet pieces perfectly complemented the boat, hinting at the cultural significance of Soho’s building as a former customs house, which was also be adorned with four light installations on the terrace. At the same time, the art installation also embraced Denmark’s deep connection to the sea—a vital aspect of the country’s culture.

The art installation served as an extension of the House, enhancing various events throughout week 34. Highlights included a DJ-set by Croatian Amor, a talk by Simon Friese, a one-year anniversary party and live music.