25 Jun - 2 Jul 2023

Martin Creed
— Roskilde Festival

The award-winning artist Martin Creed (b. 1968) takes center stage at Roskilde Festival 2023 with his acclaimed anti-war installation, UNDERSTANDING, Work No. 2630 (2016), accompanied by a live performance with his band.

This monumental installation, reaching a towering height of 8 meters and stretching 15 meters in length, rotates gracefully. It not only welcomes the community but also stands as a symbolic beacon, representing a powerful force for greater understanding in our intricate world.

Inspired by the iconic phrase ‘peace, love, and understanding’, Creed’s work places particular emphasis on the latter term, suggesting that it encapsulates the essence of all three messages in one.

UNDERSTANDING, Work No. 2630 (2016) by Martin Creed is a collaborative effort between Roskilde Festival, Creator Projects, with additional support from Hauser&Wirth and Gavin Browns Enterprise.

Martin Creed (b. 1968) is a sculptor, filmmaker, performer, musician, and installation artist. His work involves everyday objects, disposable materials, and playful reinterpretations of familiar spaces, inviting viewers to derive meaning through their unique viewing experiences.