9 May - 9 Oct 2016

Jeppe Hein
— Reflection

Kistefos Museet

The exhibition Reflection at Kistefos-Museet was curated by Marie Nipper. Victoria Marie Christiansen from Creator Projects assisted with exhibition production and project management. Embracing almost all aspects of his artistic production the exhibition presented carefully selected works such as the smallest, almost imperceptible work Screw on Wall, the mesmerising light objects Chakra Enlightenment to the new monumental sculpture Path of Silence.

Working in the overlap of art, architecture, design, and technical interventions, Jeppe Hein has always considered the social potential of art a driving force. With focus on the intuitive, physical, and emotional experience of art, he insists on addressing people of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of education, promoting a dialogue between the work and its surroundings and, more importantly, among the viewers themselves.