Christian Lemmerz – Disegno

Language: English and Danish
Type: Hardcover

OUT OF STOCK. Text by Marie Nipper, graphic design by Spine Studio

The German born artist Christian Lemmerz has always been drawing. Eversince he was a young boy, he has been exploring the existential questions connected to being human. Despite being recognised as one of the greatest contemporary Danish sculptors Lemmerz defines himself as a an artist working on paper. He himself believes that all great sculptors in essence are good at drawing but in addition possess a delicate sense of the materials making a sculptor.

In april 2019 Roulette Russe will release the book Disegno, that shows Lemmerz’  drawings and never before seen sketches from his archive. It is our wish to give the reader a feeling of having entered the artistic universe of Lemmerz – a universe where the aesthetic is lead into various parts of his world of motifs, in the human psyche and its darker sides. Furthermore, it is our wish that the book gives the reader an understanding of Lemmerz’ fascination and continuous work with the drawing as medium, his process of drawing and the unique artistic qualities that to him are inherent in the drawing.

Disegno is supported by:
New Carlsberg Foundation, A. P. Møller og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond til almene Formaal, Beckett Foundation, C.A.C. Foundation, Danish Arts Foundation, and Lillian og Dan Finks Fond